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This project is a response to the explosive market saturation of crypto collectible projects.

I am interested in the culture of those who choose to litter and see these physical remnants as a window into their psychology and habits. I feel that some of this trash speaks to bigger cultural problems then the act of littering itself.

This project is a snapshot of the "High Covid" era as well.  These were all photographed on February 26-27, 2021 in Jersey City, NJ, USA.

Much like other collectible projects, some cryptotrash is more rare then others.  Look under "trash type" to see the rarity.

The work is also deeply informed by the "
Trash Art" movement and I owe a debt to the founders.

I believe this to be the 1st photographic crypto collectible project that focuses on variations of a particular object. This is also in dialogue with the "Typology" tradition in photography.

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